Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Ups and Downs of 2012

Happy New Year!  Is it really already the first? I can't believe that this year slipped so quickly into the past. It seems like just yesterday I was snuggling with my family around a camp fire and talking about putting my camera in manual mode. I felt so good going into 2012. I didn't realize that it would be a year of ups and downs.

Down:  My youngest was put through a battery of psychiatric tests in May. We were told that not only does he have A.D.H.D. but that he was showing signs of Aspergers and mood disorders. We took the test results and recommendations to his teachers, school counselors and principle who worked with us to make his experience at school more productive and enriching. He is making quite a comeback in his school work and his grades are slowly but surely coming up. I can't tell you what a blessing this has been for him.  But I do count it as a down because I had to really take a look at the way that I interact and react to him. I had to realize that while he can't alter most of his personality traits, I can. I have to. I have to be the mother that he needs. I had to look back at the way that I have made things worse for him by simply reacting to his volatile or contradictory behavior. I can now recognize when all he really needs is more personal space, personal interaction and sometimes just a second to catch his breath and calm down. My kids are also having to learn not to react. I give them props. They are really starting to turn the page for their brother.

Up: I gave up blogging in March of last year. It got to the point that every waking minute was spent reading blogs, drumming up reviews or blogging. I was stressed out and so was my family. So one day, I just didn't do any of it and it felt really good. While I did continue to share bits and pieces via twitter, fb and instagram...it was the great to step away from my computer.

Down: I missed blogging and am back at it now.

Up: I am much more aware of the time that I spend blogging. I am much more aware of the projects that I am taking on, the time that I am willing to dedicate. I also have a clear vision for my blog. I am planning on working with a blog designer to take Getting all my Ducks in a Row to This Family Rocks. I want to share my family, myself and my experiences. That's it.

Down: While I did take a step away from the computer, I did not get better at housework. My mantra this year is going to have to be: When in doubt, Clean something. I've tried different systems in the past. I've tried following the FlyLady, giving each room their own day of the week and assigning chores. The thing is...I'm just not that organized or motivated. This year I would like to change that.

Up: I took up running. At first I was doing it to lose weight and it worked. I left 31 pounds in 2012!

But now? It's a habit. It's a hobby. It's a great way for Hubby and I to spend time together. It's a great way to show my kids that being active is important. So far I've run a 5k, half marathon and am training for a full marathon in April.

This morning Hubby and I took on the inaugural Commitment Day 5k. In 30 different cities across the country people came out to make their health a commitment.

We are both committed to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. We are both committed to being healthy role models for our kids.

I was shooting for under 30 minutes and came in just over my goal by 37 seconds.

Hubby came in at 35 minutes and 38 seconds.

I am so proud of us.

We are already planning on doing a 5k/10k couples race around Valentine's Day!

How was your 2012?

Were you glad to see it go or fighting tooth and nail to keep the calender from turning the page?

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  1. Oh wow - that is so cool about the running. Someday, I would really like to do a 5K with my sweetie. I actually used to run cross country in high school to condition for track & field, but I am soooo far off from any distance running, it isn't even funny. I'm so happy that you are meeting or coming close to your running goals - it's inspirational! A 5K on Valentine's Day as a couple sounds like a fun way to connect with your hubby!

  2. Every year comes with ups and downs. I'm just finding that unfortunately it is much easier to recall the downs.

    As far as your ups: 31 pounds left behind! That is fantastic.

  3. I am so happy that you have been able to find some answers for your son. That is a huge step! You know my son, now 19, has ADHD & mild aspergers right? Been there, done that. Still going.
    So proud of all your accomplishments and extremely happy to have you back here!!! I've missed you!


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