Friday, January 4, 2013

#DeliciousPairings with Starbucks and The Bakery at Walmart

2 more sleeps until the moment that I have to wake up from my Holiday coma. T minus 2 days until my kids head back to school and I head back my volunteer positions with their schools and soccer club.

So this morning I sipped and enjoyed my breakfast for longer than necessary.

I relished the laziness of it. I relished that I didn't have to be up and around before the sun. I wasn't trying to come up with New Year's resolutions but one came to me right about the time that I was taking my second cinnamon roll and it was quite a revelation.

You know why mornings are so hard to deal with?

It's not that I have 4 kids.
I have become immune to the chaos.
I have become immune to the endless bickering.
I have become immune to the fights over what they will or will not wear.

No, it's the fact that I am trying to get so many things done before 7:45 on an empty stomach.

The more I thought about it, the more I focused on my coffee and cinnamon roll. I thought about how good it felt to nourish my body and mind with a little time, food and caffeine.

During the school year Hubby and I are terrible about skipping breakfast since we are so focused of getting everyone out the door on time.

Why not fix what is broken?

My resolution:

Wake up 30 minutes before the kids and have breakfast with Hubby. 

I know that we will be better equipped to take care of our family's needs if we take care of ourselves too.  Plus the added benefit of spending a few minutes in blissful silence couldn't hurt.

Want to join in with my on this resolution?

Check out #DeliciousPairings display featuring Starbucks Holiday Blend with cinnamon rolls from The Bakery at Walmart.

We don't have a Starbucks in our area so unless I brew at home, it's not something that I get to drink all the time like you lucky dogs!

It's delicious. I think it has a much darker and richer taste than any other coffee that I have bought. Did you know that the Holiday Blend has complimentary notes of ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cloves?
I really tried to taste these with my breakfast...

It was no use. I am hopeless when it comes to picking out flavors. I can't do it with wine either. Holiday Blend paired with cinnamon rolls was a breakfast that I am going to have on constant repeat at my house. Hubby and I both loved the combination of freshly baked goods with awesomely bitter/sweet coffee!

Maybe you can though pick up on those flavor notes though.  Try pairing Starbucks Holiday Blend with any of the yummy looking treats in the Bakery at Walmart:

While I couldn't pick out the complimentary notes, I can recognize a delicious and easy way to turn back to school after Christmas break into a painless transition. By making time for breakfast before the kids are up I know that I will be better equipped to get them out the door on time.

How are you preparing for the end of Christmas vacation? Are you guilty of skipping breakfast for the sake of beating the clock on busy mornings?

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  1. A starbucks coffee and one of those cinnamon rolls looks like the perfect breakfast to me!!

  2. I. Am. With. You. I have had this swirling around in my head, too, wondering if I shouldn't get up 1/2 hour earlier than everyone to do the same. Wash my face, put on a little make-up, brush my teeth, etc. I'm always fighting for the sink alongside them to do it with them (also simultaneously ensuring they do it, too), but why? I should get ready ahead of time, so I can focus on me, and then be 100% focused on them and getting them all out the door.

  3. Why am I all of a sudden craving a cup of coffee and roll like I've just woken up?! lol That looks like a great way to start a day. I was a new walmart the other day and didn't see any pairings. I'll have to try a different one. I like knowing what coffee and muffin/roll/danish would go well together!


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