Friday, August 14, 2009

Blog Hopping

I love to spend a little bit of each week going from blog to blog. This week I stuck to my own blog roll. These are all blogs that I follow or subscribe to!

A great recipe to get rid of bananas....I am going to try this one next week.
I am a subscriber to this blog...and I got to recommend that you sign up also. Week after
week of meals that I want to try out for my family!!
Thanks Eat at Home!!

Madame Deals is at it again. They are holding my VERY VERY VERY favorite blog giveaway. I am a big lover of free samples and free stuff. That's how I got into following all these blogs in the first place. The giveaway this week is for everything that they get free in the mail or in the store. And let me tell you they can shop!! I can't wait to see who the winner is this time. PLEASE be ME!!! I love Madame Deals for several other reasons though. It seems like everytime I get an e-mailed post from them there is something I can use for my own life. I love love love Fashion Friday posts!! So go over and check it out...and don't forget to enter the never know the winner might be you!
Thanks Madame Deals!!

The Frugal Girl is another blog that I am subscribe too. I can't begin to tell you what her food waste pictures have done for me. Every week she shows a picture of what she bought and then at the end of the week a picture of what was wasted. Every time I open my fridge I do a quick assessment. What do I need to use up so that I will not waste!!
Check out this week's post about food waste HERE.
Another aspect of this blog that I love are the recipes. I have a stack of them just waiting for a the first nice cool weekend to try. There was a great one this week for zucchini bread, which you can check out HERE.
Thanks The Frugal Girl!!

Jane4girls $800.00 annual budget is another e-mail subscription that makes me smile every time I open it. Not only do her posts show that they are not just eating the bare essentials but it also shows that she splurges on her kids. I love this. I love that she is saving her family so much money (by stockpiling from what I can tell) but will take a grocery order from her sick kid and get them what they want when they don't feel well. I get a kick out of every time she splurges on the kids- but -- and I think you may be starting to see a pattern -- another of my favorite things about this blog are the are two of my favorites. Salsa and Rice Lasagna.
You really should check out this blog. It has changed the way I view sales at the grocery store. When I find a great deal now on something that I know I will use instead of just buying one or two...I get as many as budget and coupons will allow. Oh and as many as the store allows too!
Thanks Jane4girls!!!

Moneywise Moms has a great tip on saving money at dinner time. Cook once and eat ten times is the name of the post. I am thinking of trying this the next time that beef or pork goes on sale!
I am subscribed to this blog also. I love her diy projects. She has done three really good ones this summer. It makes me want to break out the paint and modge podge too! You can check those out HERE.
Thanks Moneywise Moms!!

Mommies with Cents has a great post about how to extend the life of your intimates. I am going to use these ideas to get the most shelf life out of something that I am investing my money in!
Thanks Mommies With Cents!!


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